We proudly celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the Syracuse University Human Rights Film Festival this year. We once again bring you an outstanding line-up of critically acclaimed films addressing social justice issues around the globe to Central New York. This year’s festival is part of Syracuse Symposium 2013: Listening and is presented by the SU Humanities Center and the Newhouse School. We also wish to thank all our co-sponsors who have made this film festival possible.

We are dedicating this year’s festival to Liberian journalist Rodney Sieh and Canadian filmmaker John Greyson, who are currently imprisoned in Liberia and Egypt, respectively.

Sieh visited Syracuse in 2002-03 and wrote for The Post-Standard, and he has maintained direct connections with the Newhouse School and Syracuse University since then. His newspaper, FrontPage Africa, was shut down for its controversial news coverage, and he was imprisoned on Aug. 23 for being unable to pay the $1.5 million damages for “libeling” a government minister.

Greyson, whose film “Rex vs. Singh” was shown in the 2010 festival, was arrested in Cairo on Aug. 16 with Canadian doctor Tarek Loubani on their way to Gaza, where Loubani was pursuing humanitarian work.

SUHRFF joins the international campaigns to free these respected human rights activists. More information campaign can be found on their websites: http://freerodney.org and http://tarekandjohn.com.

Tula Goenka and Roger Hallas

Festival Co-Directors


Press Release

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