by Ivan Ostrochovský

Saturday, Oct 1, 4pm – Shemin Auditorium, Shaffer Art Building

(75 min, Slovakia/Czech Republic)

Slovak with English subtitles

Koza website

In a subtle fusion of documentary and fiction, Koza follows a middle-aged Roma boxer as he embarks on a tragicomic return to the ring in order to pay for his girlfriend’s abortion. Ivan Ostrochovský’s critically acclaimed debut feature casts former Olympic competitor Peter “Koza” Baláz as himself, mixing details of Baláz’s real life with invented situations, as Koza convinces his reluctant former coach to organize a boxing tour, which quickly devolves into a punishing cycle of physical and psychic degradation. Framed by exquisitely captured cinematography, this poignant road movie illuminates the grinding poverty and social marginalization experienced by Europe’s Roma communities.



Short Film Sneak Peak

by Lida and Mišo Suchý

(11 min, USA/Ukraine/Slovakia)

Closed-captioned in English


Computer Assisted Real-Time Translation (CART) will be provided.

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