by George Kurian
Saturday, Oct 1, 1pm – Shemin Auditorium, Shaffer Art Building

(2015, 55 min, Norway)

Arabic and English with English subtitles

The Crossing website

Following one of the most dangerous journeys of our time with a group of Syrian refugees fleeing war and persecution, this vivid documentary offers an intimate perspective into their harrowing experiences. Crossing the Mediterranean in a decrepit old boat manned by unscrupulous smugglers, the refugees’ perilous journey finally brings them to Italy, from which they quickly disperse across Europe. From the elation of reuniting with friends who had escaped earlier to the desperate calls home to reach family still trapped in the war zone, we witness how ordinary people cope not only with the incredible physical risks of the refugee crossing to Europe, but also with its enormous psychological burden.

Screening followed by panel discussion with refugees in Syracuse
Computer Assisted Real-Time Translation (CART) will be provided

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