by Irene Taylor Brodsky

Thursday, Sept 26, 7pm – Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium, Newhouse 3

(USA, 2019, 90 min) 

Captioned in English 

Moonlight Sonata: Deafness in Three Movements Wesbite

Irene Taylor Brodsky builds on her powerful first feature, Hear and Now, by delving into an intergenerational exploration of living with deafness. Brodsky’s son Jonas began losing his hearing as a baby and underwent cochlear-implant surgery as a toddler. Now 11 years old, Jonas has adjusted to a world with sound and is learning to play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Brodsky’s parents also have cochlear implants, but unlike Jonas, the majority of their lives were shaped by silence. While Jonas explores what silence means to him, his grandfather grapples with a new transition of his own. Buoyed by a perceptive soundscape and luminous animation, Brodsky astutely captures the complexity of silence and hearing. Rich archival footage portrays Brodsky’s parents’ reflections on the evolution of deafness while intimate home videos reveal Jonas’s hearing transformation. In this deeply personal and moving film, Brodsky explores the meaning of deafness, loss, and the power of silence as her son discovers his unique voice and her parents confront a new chapter of their lives.

Panel Discussion with Profs. Michael Schwartz and Beth Ferri


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