Women and children fleeing a village in 1948 Palestine


Joyce Hergenhan Auditorium, Newhouse 3


Alon Schwarz

(Israel, 2022, 94 min, Hebrew and Arabic with English subtitles)

Q&A with filmmaker

When the State of Israel was established in 1948, war broke out and hundreds of Palestinian villages were depopulated in its aftermath. Israelis know this as the War of Independence while Palestinians call it Al Nakba (the Catastrophe). This is a story about one such village: Tantura. In the 1990s, Israeli graduate student Teddy Katz conducted research into a large-scale massacre that had allegedly occurred in Tantura. His work later came under attack and his academic career ruined. Director Alon Schwarz revisits former Israeli soldiers of the Alexandroni Brigade and Palestinian residents to re-examine what happened in Tantura, and explores the taboo around the Nakba in Israeli society and the national inability to come to terms with its dark past.

One-line description: Investigating what happened in the Palestinian village of Tantura in 1948, director Alon Schwarz explores Israeli society’s taboo on discussing the Nakba (Catastrophe) that befell the Palestinians.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/700854965